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Synthetic Atmosphere  



Synthetic atmosphere focused on a provided atmosphere from an assigned precedent that was dissected down to the core structural components, understanding every factoring element and in turn to replicate the atmospheric conditions in a completely new and vacant space. The ‘space’ provided was an 8m x 8m x 8m sightless box that using the atmospheric restraints and requirements was to function as a hotel lobby and bar.

Rendered perspective from the ground floor of the enclosed ‘Beauty’ exhibit. The experience and the viewing of the experience.


The precedent allocated to this project was that of two works by the sculptural and installation artist Olafur Eliasson. ‘Notion Motion’ and ‘Beauty’ are the selected works which both have a heavy focus on the interaction between water and light refractions. When translating these works into the provided space and adjusting appropriately for the desired function, it was important that the synthetic atmosphere was reflective of the immersive experiences that are had within the existing spaces, without it jeopardising the functionality of the hotel lobby. A replication of the ‘Beauty’ exhibition was recreated as a fully enclosed immersive experience that is also the focal point for the space. What is initially a forced experience upon the occupants of the lobby as they must enter through the main display, later becomes a viewing experience as one moves up through the space. Designed to emphasise the natural phenomenon that occurred within the original exhibitions of the relationship between the active and passive viewer of the space. The design creates the element of ‘people watching’ that occurs within an exhibition and reshapes it was the purpose of the space. Remaining true to the opinion of Eliasson that there is just as much value and interest available when one watches the function of a space, as one can gain from their own self exploration.

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