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Moryama House


Approaching the study of construction tectonics through an analytical perspective, this project taught through comprehensive exploration of all the levels of complexity and hierarchical logics that facilitate the construction and transformation of space. Individual and collective analytical exercises dissected existing construction systems within a prescribed case study house and accurately representing through orthographic and axonometric drawings.


Began exploring the construction elements by working through each tectonic layer that composed the structure as a whole – the layers were: Structure > envelope > partitions > linings > systems > furniture & equipment > decoration. For Moriyama House as a case study, the site as a whole is composed of ten independent standing structures that are all constructed using similar pre-fabricated components. Initially focused working through one of the buildings to understand the elements within each tectonic layer that form the finished product. This understanding of the construction technique was then applied uniquely to each of the nine remaining structures to result in a final graded file that contained a 3D accurate model of the entire site, all the buildings and each tectonic layer for each. The master model document was then cross referenced with existing plans of Moriyama House that informed the accurate documentation that was presented. 

Moryama 1
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