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Set & Lighting Design


To adapt, choreograph and design a stage production of the play ‘Miss Julie’, including set, lighting design and costume selection.


The play ‘Miss Julie’, adapted to a contemporary setting of a science lab where manipulation and deceit are the themes of betrayal. Reflecting these into the design of the set, layers and moments of deceit were used to amplify the characters actions to one another by using the set to create vantage points from one area into another. The distortion of the set design further elevates the intensity of the character dynamics unfolding and the lighting was symbolically designed to shroud the audience in selective confusion as they too are literally and figuratively kept in the dark about ongoing occurrences. The sliding screens located upstage, enhances the level of concealment from the audience through scenes where most of their vision is withheld and they are left to discover through audio and visions of actions.

Storyboard of the play’s key emotions and scene development.

Set & Light Storyboard
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