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Theatre House


The theatre mediates the real world of the city and the imaginary world of the staged narrative by combining spatial planning and programmatic strategies with technologies. Provided with the site of the UTS Underground that currently operates as a bar and music venue, this project explores the potential of an ‘elastic theatre’ – not defined by a specific story or narrative, but rather as a scaffold that can transform to produce a variety of productions.

Above left: Short section. Cut through the auditorium space and foyer bar area on the ground floor. Shows hydraulic lifts, orchestra pit and dressing rooms.


Above right: Long section. Shows the full length of foyer space and the grandeur of the spiral staircase leading down to the auditorium.


The act of attending the theatre has become a display within itself from how attendees dress and socially conduct themselves, to the theatrics they participate in through fashion. Located along the busy street of Broadway, the foyer was designed with the intention to create a viewing experience within itself, raised slightly above the street level forming an exhibition of the social conducts unfolding within. Inside the foyer, the design’s focus is to enhance the social display between the theatre attendees, with the processional spiral staircase leading down to the auditorium becoming the focal point as the patrons transition to and from the theatre.

Anchor 2

Above: Auditorium model. Main cut through auditorium to display the dressing rooms, corridor and orchestra pit. Arrangement of the acoustic panels within the space and the forest of hydraulic lifts that assembles the stage.

Top: Ground floor from Broadway, foyer level. LG: Ground entrance from rear ally for deliveries and storage area for the bar. -1: Foyer 2 & bathrooms. 

Above right: View within the second foyer spiral staircase entrance decending to the theatre.


Below: Interior visualization view from the stage

Theatre Anchor 2
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