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Compact Spaces


Compact Spaces focused on the arrangement and multifunctional elements that could be achieved within a residential space greatly restricted by size. The apartment was to be designed as a complete living space for a single occupant but that it could also be transformed into a four-person work space, with the living components entirely concealed yet the bathroom and possible kitchen use still enabled.


Approaching this project, the main focus was to ensure that the space did not feel like a living dwelling while in office mode and vice versa while in living mode, it was important  that the office space would feel professional. To achieve this distinction an integrated triangular feature wall served both aesthetically and functionally. Housing all the living components within the wall that pull outwards and down, while in office mode, a screen is drawn across the kitchen access that links up with the main wall, creating one continuous cascade of the triangular feature throughout the space.

Set & Light 1

Interior perspective of apartment in domestic mode.

Compact Space 1
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